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Personal Q and A with Literature Circles Classroom Veterans

We have been teaching kids in Chicago and Michigan for a combined total of more than 100 years!  For the past several  years, some of us have been working as classroom teacher-consultants at the Center for City Schools at National-Louis University. That means our job is to go into other teachers' classrooms and help them to implement Literature Circles (and other key "best practice" strategies like reading workshop, interdisciplinary curriculum units, and writing workshop). So we've seen a lot of teachers get book clubs started, hit various snags and solve their problems in many different ways.

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We've always thought that many teachers would rather get their "staff development" after school, at home, in their bathrobes, in front of the computer, after they've finished with dinner and put their own kids to bed.  So now it is part of our job to share ideas with colleagues around Chicago and the nation (at least until this gets too popular!).

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Tell us what's up with book clubs in your classroom. One of us will  try to help with problems if we can -- and also pass your successes along to others, so we can all learn and grow. Welcome -- and let us hear from you! 

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